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$50k bounty pool for breaking a blockchain (battleofnodes.com)
28 points by titel 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

I thought breaking a blockchain would be worth a whole lot more than that. Especially given how much processing cost would be involved.

That's a very good way to secure your network. Nice going ! Let the battle begin.

How much of the code can be altered? Are all attack possible, like social hacks?

I am already contracting my hackers, hope you guys are ready. ;)

Hope people will not join, keep the prize pool for myself... $$


make it 2

Look at all the new accounts made to prop this up artificially

Kyc: check, form filled: check, standing by with my validator!

Limp Bizkit - Break stuff playing in the background

Ha ha, nice one! Count me in!


$50k for breaking stuff! Count me in

Wow! This is great count me in

Alright, game on!

How to join?


woot woot

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