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  The fact that most simple copy protection can be broken by
  someone that knows a bit of assembly shouldn't surprise
  anyone writing applications, 
But it does, which is the point of the author.

  this post is just self-congratulatory silliness
You know, some people just like to write up something they did that they think is pretty interesting. People will keep inventing the wheel over and over again and still be proud of their wheel. This kind of derogatory remarks are uncalled for. You have no idea about the thoughts or feelings of the author and have no reason to think ugly things.

If I were to respond to your comment in the same way, I would say that you were just displaying your superiority complex over someone learning the ropes. Or perhaps bitterness and jealousy over the attention this article gets, while your more advanced knowledge does not get the attention it deserves. Or ... whatever. I can come up with a number of epithets to attribute to you based on that little bit of text, all equally uncalled for.

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