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When RISC-V inevitably renames itself CISC-V, then what language would naturally fit together?

And don't say cobol.

COMTRAN would be a way better choice than COBOL :-) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COMTRAN)

Common Lisp would be a decent choice, too, with

    CISC:RISC = Common Lisp:Scheme


Obviously: Clojure.

Why nor CRISC-V? Or CaRISC-V? Or (eww) RaCISC-V?

It's not like current "CISC" architectures haven't taken a lot of the good aspects of RISC already too...

Well it would be "less risk", maybe even "riskless" so I guess you'd need a new language named "restless"?



You could vlog about it.

Cython with a rust core?


Worse is better, forever.

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