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Well, that's more than just a shell.

I Can Crack My Own App With More Than A Shell (And Link To Another Of My Articles)

How so?

vim, gdb, hex editor...

disingenuous response: 'startx' also runs within shell

All of which run inside a shell.

I think you misunderstand what a shell is. All these apps run within a _terminal_, the shell merely invokes them.

The article's headline made me a little excited to see some cool bash hackery (there's a lot of functionality packed into bash, see its colossal manpage), but when I saw it was just the usual debugger/patch/etc routine I was disappointed.

By the standards of this post's title, I could say that I have written huge pieces of software with "just a shell". In fact, the foundations of modern computing could be said to have been built with "just a shell". (ie, before they had GUIs) See how silly it sounds?

There was a time I did everything in a shell...

I would've been more impressed if you did this ONLY using GUIs. Clickies, checkboxes, buttons - shiny stuff. Command line tools are best and most efficient for reverse engineering IMHO. So if you were looking for an "I built the statue of liberty with matchsticks" type of effect, its kind of a fail, at least on me.

still there is never a reminder too much on security, so thanks for bringing that up.

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