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Glad to see this already submitted :)

Yeah, I'm working on way too much stuff, and threewords.me started up as a side project that I didn't have any interest in continuing it long-term (more interested in developing http://supportbreeze.com and others).

The press curve has slowed, but a lot of users are still hitting the site (new and returning) — every new feature I get is hugely adopted within minutes.

Hey, one quick thing I noticed about supportbreeze. I noticed a lack of clear confirmation when hovering the button "Get started for free" I can tell a faint color change however there is no clear indication of my selection.

Whereas hovering other links gives a visual mouse indication and a visual indication over the link.

Is that by design?

It would be better to add cursor:pointer; to a#mk2_gs selector.

Ah, great point. I'll have to do that.

Yeah, one of the things that I'm still trying to figure out is the exact amount of visual feedback that hovered elements should have... too much is gaudy, too little is not feedback-y enough. That button fell into the latter category, but I haven't had the time to rework it. Thanks for dropping me a note :)

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