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Well, competitive is relative, right? It seems to me the going rate in tech hubs is around $400k/yr. I have seen some pretty sweet remote gigs but not yet one that pays that.

Actually - thats total compensation. Its usually around $150-175K cash + stock. And 150K remote jobs are definitely available...AWS was just hiring TAMs at that range. AWS does require travel to onboard new clients though - so its more like 75% remote

Well yes, it's total compensation. That's the only number that matters at the end of the day. $150k remote job with no bonus or stock is still less than half of a $400k total comp package.

It can matter a little because of vesting schedules—you don't typically get the stock/bonuses as soon as you start, and it can take ~4 years (depending on the company) to start getting the full comp package. So if you leave a year after joining, you might get very little of the non-salary compensation and the final number may be closer to $150k than $400k.

That said, unless you're not planning on sticking around for very long, I agree that the total compensation number is the one that ultimately matters.

Ah yeah, I didn't think about vesting schedules. I was under the impression that at least some decent portion of it would vest after a year, but I don't really know. My experience is mostly with financial firms who would simply pay a cash bonus at the end of every year. Far preferable IMO :)

The remote jobs have stock and often sign on bonuses, just like on-site jobs. AWS offers a full package (at the same rate ) for both on-site and remote. Other people I've worked for do similar (I've worked 100% from home for 20 years).

edit: remove unnecessary 'actually'. too much time on imgur :-P

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