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ConsenSys R&D | Senior Software Engineer (Rust) | Full-time | Remote ConsenSys R&D is focused on developing open source technology for the next generation of Ethereum.

We are looking for senior level engineers and researchers with backgrounds in systems engineering, distributed networks (p2p), parallel computing, WebAssembly, and cryptography. Our team is competitively compensated based on experience.

Some of the things we are working on:

* Building a proof-of-concept client in Rust for Ethereum 2.0 which supports WebAssembly execution for multiple shards.

* Benchmarking the performance of various aspects of WebAssembly runtimes, cryptographic functions, and p2p networking.

* Developing efficient proof tooling for authenticated data structures (merkle proofs).

* Exploring BFT consensus schemes for cross shard transactions.

* Researching and developing global transaction broadcasters.

Apply here: https://consensys.net/open-roles/?discipline=61666

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