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- What company? - What role? - What's your comp range indexed to? - VC Backed?

Hotjar. SRE Team Lead. Ranges are defined by the company based on the overall job market in large European cities. Not VC backed.

For those reading along I took a look at their hiring page:

https://careers.hotjar.com/o/customer-support-americas - this role is $45,000 to $62,000 (looking for EST, would be hired as a contractor)


For intermediate (of which you can go to senior) and you'd be an employee of GitLab in the US, so no dealing with self-employment tax etc)

- Florida $46,740 - $57,126 - Raleigh $54,940 - $67,148 - NYC $63,140 - $77,172

Very comparable except in NYC which is a higher cost of living. I'd love more data. I know Basecamp is doing the "everyone indexed to Chicago" which means that most regions are getting a little bit more purchasing power.

From my own experience in Raleigh: Entry level = $65,000 Mid level = $85,000

I would be quite let down with the pay range you have mentioned.

These are Customer Support Roles. Are you in support or a developer?

For Paris the compensation seems pretty low. No jobs are available though. How is living with $70k in NYC ? I guess it depends a lot on the exact district ?

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