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I have had a work laptop since mid 2017 - always issued by the company.

This is enough to separate work from life. No need for extra office space in your house etc. - simply add decent noise cancelling headphones to that and you're good to go.

Err not really at work I have space for a triple monitor set up at home I just have the laptop screen.

I used to have a 32" display at home but I got rid of it. I find that I'm much more focused and productive with a single display. Not saying it's going to be the same for you but it's just something to keep in mind. A couple of years ago I couldn't imagine getting stuff done with only my laptop screen.

No reason why you shouldn't have the same setup at home.

Or, IMHO, at all.

I'm lucky enough personally to have a custom-constructed dedicated office at home. Though, truth be told, I do a lot of my day to day work just on my laptop. The desktop is mostly for both work and personal AV/photo editing.

However, for a lot of people, their workspace at home is a table in a corner someplace and they don't really have room to setup a keyboard tray, multiple big monitors, etc.

I don't envy them, especially that I've been through such an arrangement and the second order effects got me in trouble at work more than once.

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