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Japanese reaction on news announcement forum:

"Apologize in Japanese." ← Most popular

"Apologizing in a shirt? Wear a suit, you trash."

"Groupon is a fraud outfit." ← Due to other controversies

"Groupon CEO is a kid? No wonder..."

"An American's apology has no meaning. He was even wearing casual clothes. This was more like a an excuse rather than an apology. He didn't even bow. He made things worse."

"Groupon is run by a foreigner?"

"The youtube account has videos of them abusing a dog. I'm reporting this."

Other controversies: People buy restaurant coupons with an expiry date in X months. They call to make a reservation and are told that they are fully booked for X months.

People are sold chinese made gyoza. This fact is not stated in the advertisement which has some fishy statements. This is particularly sensitive because chinese foodstuff is worthless in Japan.

Taking something a 2chaner or a Net Otaku says seriously is a humorous issue foreigners in Japan have. (Not sure if you are or not0

Chinese foodstuff is cheaper and not worthless in Japan. I know; I buy Chinese food in Japanese supermarkets all the time and I'm not the only one. It's the only way to get garlic for less than 3$ per head. It's not labeling food as Chinese that is a huge no-no in Japan (like the fish problem they had last year)

The upper class types I know think the Internet is low-class and never post on message boards or news discussions. Much like how few people here post in CNN discussion threads. It's like arguing with the lunatic fringe; why bother?

In the end, in most cases, the media manufactures consent and everyone forgets about it.

Given your average anon forum poster I'd regard the lack of comparisons to the Nazis and failure to call for the CEO's untimely and grizzly death a win.

For people reading this, just remember, /b/ didn't like the apology either.

My feeling is that /b/ has a surprisingly high density of Japanese cultural experts -- what with considering the large number of high quality Anime subtitle work coming out of parts of that community.

I think they usually hang out around other, Japanese-related boards. /b/ has little respect for anime or anything in general, and it's almost impossible to organize anything in the huge, fast-moving mess it has become.

On the other hand,

I think fair amount of Japanese will be satisfied with this, and even like Groupon more than before the incident. It looks like similar to apologies done by Japanese executives, though Mr. Mason did not do deep bow.


Yep, having an English CEO apologize in English for something that happened in Japan is of course going to be controversial.

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