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Some context for those who want a quick summary of what happened and why the apology.

- In Japan during the first few days of the new year, they traditionally cook meals called osechi-ryori to celebrate. But nowadays, people just buy premade meals on line and have them delivered.

-Groupon advertised with a company called Bird Cafe to have a special discount on the meals.

-Bird Cafe could not handle the amount of orders, and delivered late and with bad quality. When the meals arrived they were no where close to the advertised pictures. Pretty much it was like ordering a hot meal, and what was delivered was a microwaved frozen dinner.

Many customers were outraged and the blogs lit up in Japan about the mistake on Groupon's part.

The video is about apologizing for the mistake and talks about how to ensure such quality issues do not happen again. Mostly by making sure the companies they work with can handle the orders and uphold their product as advertised.

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