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If you're serious: patio11 has lived in Japan for many years and I think it's safe to say that he has a good understanding of Japanese cultural norms.

If you're not serious: This joke is in extremely poor taste.

He hasn't lived in Japan very long at all if he doesn't recognize that this is one of those stereotypes with some significant basis in reality. Japan has almost twice the US's suicide rate, and it is indeed an act with heavy cultural significance.

Suggest removing sticks from nether regions... both of you.

If you read Patrick's response you will see it is polite, realistic and nuanced. Your comment: not so much.

Japan has twice the suicide rate which is still not a lot. It's about the same as Finland. This is not a subject that can be (nor should be) easily reduced to a "Japanese people commit suicide a lot" kind of stereotype, so lets not do it.


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