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I built an Excel add-in with web tech (chr15m.github.io)
9 points by chr15m on Sept 30, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Sounds cool. I have the reverse issue. Lots of information in Atlassian Confluence tables that I want in Excel.

Did some research on this. Maybe this Table Capture extension can help?


(I'm not affiliated but it looks cool)

Can you tell me more about this use-case - are those Confluence tables public and can I see an example?

The basic use-case is to take an HTML table in a page and give you CSV data in your clipboard, correct?

Have you looked for browser extensions that do this?

Thanks for the info on that capture tool. Unfortunately, it isn't allowed in our controlled space. And the Confluence data I have isn't public, so out of luck.

I'm curious as to why the choice to use Wisp instead of ClojureScript.

I want to get that very fast start up time for the users of the plugin, which means making everything as small as possible. The Wisp code compiled down to 8kb.

I'm a heavy ClojureScript user in general and this was a conscious choice on this project because I am optimising for "very small".

Interesting, thanks for explanation

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