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Show HN: Project productivity tool to compete with big brands (simpleboard.tech)
5 points by alanmontgomery on Sept 30, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

I'm planning on building a productivity tool that combines the best bits of all the bigger brands and packaging it into an affordable solution. Fully customisable with an addictive UI look, feel and interactivity. I appreciate some people are stuck with what they know in current providers, Simple Board is going to provide a fresh, modern, addictive approach into the market which will sky rocket productivity in individual projects and team projects.

Less clutter. More focus. Especially on the kanban board page. This will be completely focused in on your project and tasks only. Think of a clean modern writing app these days with hardly any GUI. It lets you focus on writing. Now apply the same sort of style and feature to a kanban board. Very nice to look at, awesome, addictive functionality within the board which motivates you to get your project tasks or tickets done so you can interact with the board.

Intuitive task list view which will let you efficiently and effectively see your workload in a slick, productive list - Again, gives you that ability to really focus in on what's going on.

There will be some project specific settings in terms of if it's a personal or team project which will be highly beneficial.

I know trello has customisations in there as well but Simple Board will provide this in a configuration / settings page which you control completely from here, again, separating this cluttering functionality from the actual board itself, allowing you to really focus in.

A lot more I could say at this stage and a lot more that will most likely be added as I develop.

So... this is a "Show HN", just pointing to a landing page for something you are thinking about.

"Thinking about" - It's in development, around 85% complete. It's definitely a showcase to spark interest.

OK, your description did not give that impression, as every time you described something, you said it in the future tense. You may want to communicate more clearly what you have built vs. where you want to take it in the future.

I guess because it isn't released so I'm thinking future wise. Sorry for the misinterpretation :)

It's concerning to me how much you're vaguely saying "addictive" as if it's a good thing.

Well functionality of some sites can be quite addictive. Addictive can be negative if you want it to be.

My idea with the term "addictive" is that the functionality of the board and overall experience leaves you wanting to come back for more. Thus empowering you to complete project tasks and items on time / increase your productivity. Which in reality is what a productivity tool is all about.

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