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5G Network Architecture – A High-Level Perspective [pdf] (huawei.com)
20 points by octosphere 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I just skimmed this, but it seems to be yet another marketing piece covered in technical jargon to tell a “world changing” story. It does not, however, say anything about 5G coverage differences from 4G, how the physical infrastructure is deployed or it’s practicality to coverage and usability by the end devices that are the underlining support to this revolution.

I see there any doc/ site / book which you have seen that covers 5G properly?

So far, no. Though, I haven’t made much of an effort to seek it out. I help run an ISP with a WISP department, so we get to play with RF from 600 MHz to 84 GHz a lot. I have yet to see any “tech” article stop the bullshit and reference the obvious: MM wave doesn’t penetrate thick rain at any sort of distance let alone buildings. It’s also not very good at multiple client handling as to keep the bandwidth they’re touting, you need a lot of dedicated spectrum per client.

I haven’t seen anything to address this point. Which means they’re doing the same shit cable companies do with the whole “up to” crap. Sure, it’ll do gig... if you’re standing directly under the AP nested in some light post or telephone pole (OMG, “smart” street lamps?? Our city is so progressive!), in plain site of the thing and be the only one there.

Personally, and like I said, I don’t seek out documentation to be proven wrong here; but I see 5G’s real revolution to be the secret sauce to the OneWeb or Starlink satellite ambitions; or at least I hope it to be.

Anyhow, as you can tell, I’m a little edgy with all this 5G stuff. All the bullshit about it is spreading false information to people who need/have to be factually educated. Lots of rural areas passing up broadband plans that are real for the promise of “smart” 5G street lights and all the “coolness” it gives politicians come re-elections. Meanwhile, the solution isn’t real, broadband stays monopolistic and progress stagnates.

There’s a lot to 5G on the software side I’m intentionally not mentioning here. But, that’s not the part of 5G people are salivating over.

> OMG, “smart” street lamps?? Our city is so progressive!

Already got them, kinda. They are radio controlled which allow for them to be for granular controlled to reduce power usage and thus money.

It’s all good until the system fails and almost everyone is left without any street light (the main road still we’re lit as they were on a different profile or something but all the other streets were in darkness until around midnight. I’ve only noticed the single failure in the years it has been running though)

I’m specifically referencing street lamps that are being prototyped and shown off at conferences with embedded 5G RF chips in them.

Anything to aid in power conservation is something I’d go for and not mock. Maybe needs some improvement as you mention, but not an idea I’d treat so harshly as above. Haha.

Oh I know. I was just having a giggle about “smart all the things”.

The radio control street lights have mainly been a success. As I say only one failure in my area that I know of but when they do fail, it fails spectacularly.

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