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Faster Progress Bars: Manipulating Perceived Duration with Augmentations (2010) [pdf] (chrisharrison.net)
20 points by pera 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Study Design >We recruited 10 participants (5 female, mean age 19) to evaluate the relative perceived duration of the three pro- gress bars at two different durations, 5 and 15 seconds. The latter time was included to explo


Other thought: First, I appreciated the efficiency of “5 female.” Then, I noticed that it would have been more efficient to write “5 male,” finally I realized there may come a time when ‘“5 male” doesn’t provide enough information.’

> n=10

Yes interesting idea for a study but only 10 participants, presumably all around the same age.

Too bad this is what passes off as scholarship in Human-Computer Interaction nowadays. I remember seeing a paper from CHI (the top conference in the field, where OP was also published) lamenting the field's far lower standard of scholarship compared to psychology — the poster child of replication crisis!

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