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I go to the park nearby for two to three hours the first thing in the morning, where I exercise [1] and meditate. It's been three months. It has changed my life: I get a boost of highest-quality time every morning. I sleep better, I move better, I am in mostly great mood all day because of such a start. I had troubles keeping a habit of exercise and meditation and the switch to this morning routine solved it greatly.

The first 28 days of forming the habit were a bit of a struggle, but together with my wife, we supported each other and eventually went through the whole month. After that I cannot imagine my morning without at least an hour in the park.

The time of waking up varies and depends on the morning temperature and amount of light. In summer we woke at 5-6am (it was warm and light), now it's ~7am (it's getting colder and darker outside).

The book The Willpower instinct [2] influenced me a lot regarding willpower in the morning.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJDz7qHBGQg

[2] https://www.amazon.com/Willpower-Instinct-Self-Control-Works...

Yeah it gets way harder to wake up 'early' as the sun starts coming out later. Especially in the PNW when it's straight gray outside in the morning during those seasons.

How do you manage 3 hours at the park?

What do you mean by "manage"?

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