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I'm truly conviced that exploring landscapes is the way to get higher abstraction skills in the design domain. Yet, discussing this point with someone in the field, they told me we're still lacking a major breakthrough, since right now we only have several (more or less interesting/successful and still) arbitrary approaches to the problem, each of them more fit for one type of problems.

It is expected that someone in academia develops the whole mathematical apparatus needed for the rest of us to keep wrong steps to a minimum. I believe until that point we will not get closer to a general solution, although of course the more knowledge we hoard about particular cases, the better!

I'll contact you regarding those positions :D


PS: out of curiosity, with what version of MNIST do you work? Binary (B&W, 0 or 1) or grayscale? And what image resolution?

Yes, I agree with you, we need more theory, more mathematical understanding.

MNIST grayscale, 7x7 pixels = 49 continuous variables meaning we can do something already with 5 qubits)

Yes, hope to see you around !

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