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Not exactly a public setting -- but in the lab, I use raise-to-activate Siri on Apple Watch for setting timers and doing basic arithmetic (e.g. "what's 3% of 42 ml?"). It's been really helpful, since I have to have gloves on at all times.

With others around or alone? I feel like talking to an inanimate object is weird when others are around (sometimes even alone).

To be fair, with everyone using bluetooth earphones, I got used to people "talking to themselves" now. A decade+ ago I worked in a retail store and thought it was weird, but now I just assume they're using bluetooth

Both. The watch doesn't require a normal speaking level voice, so it's less awkward than speaking to Siri on my phone. It still feels a little weird, but people in the lab are used to it at this point.

The most awkward time is when the raise-to-activate doesn't work for whatever reason and I have to say the same thing again.

This only shows that you have a high tolerance for awkwardness. We also need to interview your colleagues to see if they consider you a weirdo.

Only with these two pieces of info we can decide whether it's feasible to use voice assistants in a lab setting.

Ha, that's fair. I actually think I have a very low tolerance for awkwardness.

I think people quickly grasp the reason why I'm doing it -- we all wear gloves, so the benefits are obvious to my fellow labmates.

this is the sort of thing I can see voice control being good for, and I feel pretty awkward when using it around people.

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