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Google Chrome Update Damages macOS File System (tomshardware.com)
81 points by hastes 21 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

So... SIP is working as intended?

Apparently. The fact that you can't run a third party graphics card without disabling it is pretty ludicrous, though.

Many people do not use SIP.

Do you have statistics? My perception is the opposite.

Not directly, but anyone with a Hackintosh (modified PC running Mac OS) must have it disabled, and a fair number of pro users disable it for various purposes.

JFYI you can have SIP enabled on a hackintosh if you use clover to inject kexts.

only occurs on non-sip macs

Right, because SIP is working as intended.

Without SIP this would have been caught in testing

which means they tested inadequately, as they only tested with SIP enabled, but not with SIP disabled ?

What was the update doing that trashed /var?

That is a good question.

Hackintosh killer?

I wonder why the downvotes. Hackintoshes generally have SIP disabled. Maybe all those video editing workstations were hackintosh machines.

There's very little reason to disable SIP otherwise, unless such "damage" was performed by some specialized software.

I didn't mean "google is intentionally killing hackintosh systems".

> There's very little reason to disable SIP otherwise

This…is not true. It's not just Hackintoshes, it's ANY hardware that lacks a SIP-compliant driver. Avid editors use a lot of hardware, hence frequently MUST disable SIP.

But sure: blame the user.

No blame. Just curiosity.

The article discusses this - SIP often disabled in this industry to install unsuppoted graphics drivers.

Makes sense. Thanks.

I'm guessing because your original post contained didn't explain any of that; it did indeed seem like you were implying this update was aimed at hackintoshes.

From my experience, very few of those video editing workstations were likely anything but official Apple hardware. Hollywood (and connected) studios have far too much money invested into their ventures to take a chance on unsupported hardware/software combinations to that degree.

I think deactivating SIP is necessary to use non-supported graphics boards (e.g. NVIDIA) which aren't uncommon for video editing.

Reminder about this insanely prophetic comment on the original post: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21057937

How is that prophetic?

Everyone in Hollywood was convinced it was Avid. Turns out, it was actually Chrome.

I read that as sarcasm, especially with the leading qualifier ;)

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