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Odd that you never mention that it's Anne Hunter's jobs list; did you think I wouldn't want to have my name out there? I started it at the dawn of the dot.com boom to make students aware of all of those opportunities. My record number of msgs on one day is said to be 27, just before a Career Fair. I almost always "clean up" the subject line to make it more standard, dropping ninja, rock star, wizard, etc., and I definitely send out the ads from MBAs for comic relief. My sense from talking to current students ALL DAY LONG (that's my real job) is that they want to do their OWN startup with their OWN idea, not become somebody else's coder (even if you call it CTO).

Great analysis; be sure and let me know when you do more, and give credit, please.


Anne -

My apologies, I was not aware this list had an owner. I updated the post to credit you. Thanks very much for maintaining the list.

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