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More importantly IMHO, they were designed with male protagonists, and few-if-any playable female characters.

> few-if-any playable female characters * Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark) * Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) * Sarah Kerrigan (Starcraft) * Sonya (Command & Conquer) * Samas Aran (Metroid) * Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat) * Chung-li (Street Fighter) * Jill (of the Jungle)

Those are ones I can name without Googling from games before 2000. If you think there haven't been female playable characters in video games, you weren't paying attention.

You're proving my point. There is a list - longer than this one of course, but a very finite list - of examples. You wouldn't think of listing the playable _male_ characters in games, because those would be, well, almost all characters in all games.

> Sonya (Command & Conquer)

You mean Tanya? Cha-ching!

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