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There is no shortage of video games both enjoyed by boys and girls. One popular "game" among younger children is "Roblox". It appeals to both girls and boys. My son tends to enjoy the more high paced action type games and my daughters enjoy the ones focused on running a store, dress up etc. They all enjoy playing games but my son can play for a much longer period of time. My daughters seem to get bored quicker and switch over to Netflix or similar.

> it appeals to both girls and boys

It still seems to be mostly marketed at boys. Looking at the itunes store page, first item is a video with running, shooting, fighting, racing cars and burning armors. Second photo a mosaic, third fighting armors, fourth a robotic cowboy, fifth ninja like armors. https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/roblox/id431946152

Both genders might enjoy, but wouldn’t there be more content and more optimization towards boys play style ?

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