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Incognito Node: Earn crypto in your sleep (incognito.org)
6 points by TbobbyZ 12 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Absolute nonsense.

If someone could make this device and run it cost effectively, what incentive do they have to sell it? Last I checked, the only place to make money on crypto was certain areas in China with very low electricity costs.

They say that it is not mining, but rather doing transactions on something called Incognito network? Or maybe I am misunderstanding it.

It does seem really sketchy though, they are all over the place. They say they use Proof of Stake, but BTC is not PoS. And not sure how that ties into this little gem: "Node earns Incognito’s native coin, Privacy (PRV)" =)

I guess you may earn some transaction fees (it's not clear what %) but you always(?) earn their crypto currency PRV. You may exchange PRV for other coins in their exchange. It's not listed in coinmarketcap (perhaps because the net is not even active) so it's difficult to know the price. I'm pessimistic, so I'd probably use approximately $0, but sometimes the word is irrational.

Hey guys, I am also quite skeptic person, but you judge a product based on an advertisement.

Ads are something for easier understanding. I went trough wp, it says that is someone use their sidechain for private BTC or ETH transaction validator will receive a transaction fee in the same currency.

And regarding ROI, here you are right, it's impossible to evaluate how much you can earn with this node until the token is on open market.

The same was with BTC, the same was with ETH and so on. You never know which project will be next one ;)

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