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I'm not sure why the code isn't open source on this one. If the OP is hoping that news websites (etc.,) will pay for this service, I wouldn't hold my breath.

This site only highlights all the bad things happening on those sites - and the marketing teams there have most likely already been told by their developers what including 1 million cookies & 50 million tracker APIs will do to the performance. They want this gunk in there so that revenue targets can be met.

So the best bet is to put this up on GitHub where folks like me could learn from the code :-D

You could say the same thing about open sourcing it, if the OP is hoping for useful PRs they would be ill advised to hold their breath. Meanwhile OP now gets spammed with low effort installation and support requests.

Maybe open source the worker code, but the whole website?

In what way do you think news sites would pay for this service? They want full throttle ads everywhere right, not sure why this service is of any use. They just think: the more header bidding partners putting cookies everywhere the more money

Just to be super clear, I was not trivialising the project itself! I think it's a very cool idea, and very useful for users like me =)

I do not think it is 'not useful'. I was - not very clearly - posing a question on what your idea was to put it into 'practice'. I.e., whether you were hoping to turn this into a business or an open source project by posting here =D

Merely curious! Thank you for sharing!

News sites could use this as a benchmark to ensure that the experience is worse with uBO.

Will open source soon, need some refactoring first :).

Thank you:)

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