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YouTube sends more requests with uBlock Origin enabled? [1][2]

My theory is, without the ads, there is more space in the webview to load video thumbnails, each item representing a video in the HTML document probably requires a handful of HTTP requests to load and pre-fetch their corresponding metadata. I would not be surprised if other websites react in the same way. I hope this is the case, but I am suspicious enough that I will investigate further how the ad-blocker affects these websites.

[1] https://webtest.app/?url=https://www.youtube.com

[2] https://i.imgur.com/HBB4TkK.png

This is the case. With an addon that deletes most but not all homepage items or sidebar recommendations, YouTube does some noticeable spinning trying to fill the space which keeps getting emptied.

If you look at the thumbnail of the web page seems like this would be the case.

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