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I had to install it for him and show him what to do. (I was just kind of guessing what to do.)

His shop sold all kind of random things - everything from hamburgers to nuclear weapons...

Some of the screens, e.g. the stock table maintenance, the controls are a bit hairy (e.g. you have to press control-arrow keys to move to another set of fields), he got a bit frustrated at that when I wasn’t there to help him. (I had to go help his little sister.)

Keyhut POS author replied on his FB page:

> If you have a photo of your son setting up the program that you would like to post on my photo page I am more than willing in this instance suspend the rule of those photos being of actual stores because such a photo would be unbelievably cute and I am a sucker for that. However will understand if you do not wish to post a photo of your son that all the weird-ass folks from Hacker News can see. Also, you can always change columns in the stock table just by pressing [ENTER].

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