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Oh man, Netware in the era of Windows 2000!! I had a few of these hold outs. Many of my clients were on WinNT 3.5 with a Netware 3.1 server. Getting the windows admins to understand loading NLMs and using the different console tools was "fun". I only got to toy with one Netware 4.11. And that was just using NwAdmin95 (so the joys of learning NDS). I had it set up in my home lab too as I was planning on getting my CCNA... then I moved to a Windows only place and worked on getting them to adopt Linux.

Yea, we had 'team red' (novell) vs 'team blue' (MS)

I was team Linux. So team black was they ended up naming it.

I love it! I managed to get one client to do a "drop in" Netware replacement using some wire compatible netware replacement (I can't even remember the name) Their machines still kept the Netware login and everything. Good old days.

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