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Hey there, I lead Developer Advocacy at AWS for Serverless (https://twitter.com/chrismunns) and have been involved in this space since pretty much the start. Thought I'd toss my hat in the ring there as there seem to be some fairly passionate responses across the board here.

This post is accurate. It's accurate in the new dev experience of someone picking up a framework tool and following the standard walkthroughs/examples that folks like my team and I have been creating the past few years. As far as I'm concerned Einar (the author of the post) did everything I would have done in their position with their experience with this tech. The math Einar did also seems to be accurate given a 1gb RAM and <100ms function duration as well as the API-GW costs, which don't fluctuate based on request duration or Lambda configuration.

Einar got feedback later on that they should have looked at ALB (Application Load Balancer) which does provide a different HTTP request interface back to a Lambda invoke. ALB is the right choice for dead simple proxy requests where you aren't using any of the more advanced features of API-GW. It would lower the cost significantly as well as increase the performance due to a slightly lesser overhead in request path. It would change both the numbers in the blogs title though I can't say it would be 1:1.

We've done a shit job of making this clear and thanks to Einar's post lighting the fire under our butts we'll make work to correct that.

What I am happy about in Einar's post is that they were able to get up and running in almost no time, explore, poke, test, and write this post about their experience very very quickly.

The other thing to highlight here is that I am happy to lose a battle to Elastic Beanstalk, or ECS, or Fargate pretty much any day of the week. All of these exist to significantly reduce the operator burden which compared to running your own container management can be incredibly high. Most companies I've run into in the past 7 years that I've been at AWS have struggled to really measure operator cost but when they compare it to just raw time difference both the technologies I just mentioned and "Serverless" tech like Lambda shift the time spent factor so greatly that cost savings becomes painfully obvious.

Anyway, we're here, we're listening, there's a lot going on behind the scenes (see recent announcement about how VPC cold-start pains will be gone soon).

Thanks, - Chris Munns - AWS - Serverless - https://twitter.com/chrismunns

and I totally posted this from the wrong account... sigh.. this is me. Thanks, - Chris Munns - AWS - Serverless - https://twitter.com/chrismunns

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