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The photos of it in use in stores are adorable and must be heartwarming for the developer


I do like the blue background choice, which I will forever associate first with Borland Turbo C which used yellow as the foreground colour.

It was also used by Wordstar and a few other programs, as it was the only readable background colour that wasn't black. A few people had early "paperwhite" laptop LCDs that preferred black-on-white.

The one in Indonesia is not only using a CRT, but they have one of those "protectors" on. Blast from the past, I never understood what they were supposed to do in practice.

That one appears anti-glare, but there are also privacy oriented ones that prevent reading the screen from the side.

But weren't there also ones with a "grounding cable" that was supposed to help with "radiation"? I'm sure it was quackery, but I seem to remember those as well.

Not quackery when you had a bad CRT. Think like a TV, where static would make dust cling to screen surface.

Yeah I remember those things as mostly being a static electricity mitigation device.

Found one: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51wlkk6uOCL...

I believe it's marketed also as "anti electromagnetic interference."

I think they help with glare.


From the photos it seems Freeman's Luggage are having some technical problems with their POS.

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