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Or, y'know, leave it as it is. As DOS app it is available almost instantly from boot and it's designed specifically for any PC, even ones that are over 30 years old. It's probably faster than any rich GUI version. It's also FREE. It looks like it does what it says on the tin, and for many people, that's all that is important.

There are MANY phone POS apps. I do not see why this POS app needs to be re-vectored to also run on phones. I don't want to be ageist about this, but just because something is old, that doesn't mean it's no longer useful.

I think you missed the joke!

It doesn't read like a joke, nor does it have a /s tag.

Eh, it reads like obvious sarcasm to me, but I am British. There is a stereotype of Americans that they don't "get" sarcasm, and this does seem to come up frequently on HN :)

I'm British, fyi.

To me, at least, it reads as blatant satire.

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