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Core POS is another fun one to check out (it even does credit, debit & EBT)


There is something much more charming and interesting about KeyPOS. Not that one is better than the other, or more up-to-date, but... KeyPOS is written in QBASIC, looks like it's from the 90s (it is), and the author is self-deprecating but not so much that it's annoying.

... plus it's not making you install a web server and isn't an Electron app. I thought we all collectively hated Electron.

> CORE is primarily a web-based, PHP+MySQL application. There are a few C# pieces most of which are Mono-compatible.

> This is an ElectronJS based app that turns CORE's lane into a desktop app. Apache, MySQL, etc are all still required. This app just takes the place of the web browser. Why?

I'll guess for them, cause I do it for our POS but it's necessary to be "on the box" to control serial ports and print w/o prompt. Think scanners and receipt printers.

Yeah. The POS system I worked on used a small local web server for the browser to control the drawer and such, but it's a more complex setup than getting the webapp itself to do that.

If one is okay with a web POS, Electron itself seems like a good fit.

KeyPOS has quite a bit of charm, and I wish it were more extensible (eg: free software) like Core POS.

The Electron app part is new, I know they were using Firefox with a few XUL extensions in 2015. There probably wasn't much choice beyond Electron once XUL was killed, and their PHP codebase is one of the nicest I have ever worked on.

PHP codebase, worse site than this one. Front page gives an error about a Google Maps API key. I don't know why they have a website at all rather than just redirecting to the GitHub pages.

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