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After $5B in Losses, China’s Tesla Battles for Survival (bloomberg.com)
15 points by hhs 24 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Pretty shocked that as much as I follow car news and EV news, I have never heard of the NIO EP9. It seems like it only held the Nurburgring very briefly.

Maybe it's a sign that the EV market is getting big enough to miss some hyper-cars, or maybe they are totally unheard of outside of China... Either way, seems like a pretty big PR miss! Is everyone else aware of the NIO cars or is it just me?

I worked in Shenzhen for a bit, don't remember seeing or hearing about these. There were a lot of electric bicycles and trikes though.

How is this company China's 'Tesla'? There's plenty of Chinese manufacturers making far more EVs.

Yea, like Tesla

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