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Show HN: Best of Show HN (bestofshowhn.com)
249 points by andreyazimov on Sept 21, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 36 comments

I didn't realise I had 2 entries in the top 20…

My attention tends to navigate towards "Show HN" posts when I'm browsing HN. There's quite a few who actually use Bulma: Divjoy, Sinous, Open-Registry, Pino…

I'm really amazed by those hacking articles, like the retro video game console [1] or sorting 2 metric tons of Lego [2]. I've also come across very useful tools that have saved me lots of trouble, like this automatic subtitle synchronizer [3] or this iTunes replacement [4].

My favourite will still be "Spot the Drowning Child" [5], so incredibly useful.

[1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19393279 [2]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14226889 [3]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19248723 [4]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16559715 [5]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9962185

Wow, you did design in 4 mins. This is so cool man! I found you today through this website and thought it was brilliant idea! BTW it's #3 for all the time

Hello HN!

I find myself spending time on Hacker News mostly in Show HN section, because I'm really curious what people around the world are making.

But I was wonder what were the best project were made for entire history of Show HN.

So I aggregated all Show HN posts, group them by most popular posts of a day, week, month, year (starting from 2008) by upvotes. Also it has search my popular tags or words.

And last but not least I found articles from most successful companies like Stripe, Dropbox, DuckDuckGo and Quora that started on Show HN including their old website using Way Back Machine.

Let me know what you think, I'd love feedback

Cool idea.

The filters could be better, ai also filters strings with "air"

Date filters would be cool. This year/month/week, last year/month/week etc.


Yeah, short filters that are consist of couple of letters are searching all works that have them.

I renamed "ai" to "artificial intelligence".

Agree about filters. I added: This year/month/week and last month, year. Working on last week.

Nice, thanks.


Long day, huh?

It's great fun to browse older ideas and projects and to see them in a new light. But you're missing out on lots of postings from 2008-2012 because people used to preface the title with Ask HN: Review {our,my}{startup,app,site,webapp} .... The convention to always start with Show HN seems to have come later.



Wow, I didn't know about it. Big thanks for this suggestions. I will add this filter soon. What do you think should be a name for this filter? Maybe something like "old posts"? :)

My suggestion would be to comingle them with the Show HN submissions; they’re the same thing with a different way of phrasing the title. If someone wants to look specifically for old posts, you have that covered with the year filter (where the reader can choose 2009, 2010, etc.) Also, note that a few submissions begin Ask YC: Review {our,my}....

I like to support or at least not be critical of anything where I haven’t put in the work myself, so take this in the best spirit.

Is this substantially different from the built in search?



The main idea of the website is that you don't need to type in the search bar each time. It's already have predefined filters and sorted by best of the day, week, month, year etc so you can take your phone and enjoy of reading while drinking your coffee (as I'm doing).

I think it's reasonably interesting that quite a few of the top posts are now dead projects.

Mmmm filtering for Java shows javascript


yeah, it's including all shorter words. I'm thinking how to solve it

yes :D :D :D

The website is blocked by FortiGuard Web Filtering.

Strange, maybe because of new domain? Or maybe I need to switch from flexible to full SLL in Cloudflare.

It would be cool to make a topic-specific Hackernews shin ranked by hotness for that topic. It’d be cool to focus in on topics I care about, not everything in Hackernews universe.

My theory is “What’s hot in Elasticsearch” would seem to be better answered with hacker news than a subreddit...

(Hackernews Search is only sortable by date or votes, neither of which gets at hotness)

I guess https://hnmail.io could be what you wanted, but without “hotness”.

what do you mean by "hotness"?

Some combination of time and votes where recent highly voted stuff comes first, but honestly I don’t know. It’s probably a formula that needs to be tweaked to what looks right

Added new category "Young Talents" showing posts from kids:


Very crazy to see when someone who is 14 years old who programmed an artificial intelligence bot.

Such a neat idea! I wonder if you would mind a suggestion?

The bright orange color really hurts my eyes. When I open the site on either a desktop or mobile device, the entire screen is filled with bright orange with a white heading, and a bunch of white buttons with bright orange labels.

I realize that is probably the "official" HN color, but on HN it's just a tiny strip of bright orange at the top, not an entire screenful.

And on my HN, the only bright orange I see is the Y logo. A long time ago I set my "topcolor" to "d0c8b5", which makes the top bar just a darker shade of the body background. The only time I see the bright orange top bar is on a non-logged-in device. For anyone else who finds the bright orange bar unpleasant, try that topcolor setting for some eye relief.

So my suggestion is to get rid of this bright orange completely, other than perhaps a small logo. Once I scroll down to the article listings, it looks fine, it's just that top section that is hard to look at. Thanks!

Totally agree, I'm pretty bad with colors, so I started with monochrome palate and just before the launch (or even during the launch) I decided to change it to bright orange #fe6400 (save as HN navbar), I thought it would be more attractive, but it's more annoying for eyes. As you said in HN they've made tiny bar and I mead full header :D I will think about colors. Maybe you can suggest good website that have caml colors that not annoys you and you can spend a lot of time there?

I don't have a particular site to recommend, but my general feeling is to avoid bright colors. You'll never go wrong with simple black and white, like what you have now after you scroll down past the header and buttons.

OTOH, judging by the multiple downvotes, I may be a small minority here. Maybe other people like the page full of bright orange? Or maybe they didn't like my commenting on it.

Since no one saw fit to say what they didn't like about my comment, we may not find out which it was.

I'm quite surprised that your comment was downvoted so much. Maybe people like this orange HN color? :D

To be honest, when I said "multiple" downvotes, it was probably just two. (Two is a multiple of something, isn't it?)

Not a worry, I assume when people downvote a comment they have their own good reasons for it. In any case I am grateful that you found it helpful.

I will keep my eye out for sites that are clean and easy to read like you asked about and will follow up with any suggestions!

It's ironic that the number one post of all time is a 0-day disclosure of a hack of HN that no longer works but to HN's credit was also never removed.

This post upvotes itself.

Nice! Didn't realise I was no2 for this week. Awesome job!

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