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Charter of the Forest (wikipedia.org)
38 points by benbreen on Sept 22, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

If you liked this, you might enjoy a discussion of old Irish law about the Lords and commoners of the wood as well. http://www.forestryfocus.ie/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Trees...

""Forest" to the Normans meant an enclosed area where the monarch (or sometimes another aristocrat) had exclusive rights to animals of the chase and the greenery ("vert") on which they fed. It did not consist only of trees, but included large areas of heathland, grassland and wetlands, productive of food, grazing and other resources."

I adore this definition. Forest is so important for modern living as well, although we do not use it necessarily directly for grazing or resources, but as a weekend safe haven from the hectic city life.

Sure, I am "grazing" my local forest with my MTB on the weekends, but in a much more eco-friendly way. It fills up my batteries for the coming working week. :)

Yes, as in the New Forest [0] in southern England (where 'new' refers to its creation in 1079). Even today it has some complex and ancient usage rights.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Forest

The US government uses it in that fashion...e.g. national forests. Lots of economic activities go on in there, but an outsider might think it is just similar to a national park

I feel like there’s some context missing here on why the king signed this into law? Benefits for commoners are obvious, but the benefits for the king less so

The king at the time was nine years old, and facing a rival claim to the throne from a French prince. His unpopular late father had been forced into signing the Magna Carta a couple of years earlier. His regent's decision to be generous (and to actually uphold Magna Carta and not punish all the nobles who had fought against either king) was probably a smart one. It's not like royalty particularly suffered from the common man foraging in their forests.

The calligraphy in that document blows my mind.

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