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Or Yemenis kill 30 Saudi date farm workers in Saud.

Or, God forbid, Iran kills 30 Saudis in Saud.

We've been exposed to so much propaganda that we instinctively know what is "worse", and who is "allowed" to kill without due process.

I think you’re conflating morally worse with practically worse. It’s not propaganda to note that certain countries attacking each other spell out graver consequences

That fact that you distinguish between morally worse and "practically worse" make me thing you are already under the influence of the propaganda.

But it does not mean you are right: Afganistan cannot attack the US over 30 dead civillians, the US can attack Iran for some Saudi property destruction by Yemenis who are being raped by Saudi using US weaponery on them.

> But it does not mean you are right

I meant: But it does not mean you not are right

Yeah? And why is that? Is it that certain countries' farm workers' lives are worth more than certain others? It sounds to me that the propaganda got you too.

... no, they’re worth the same. Hence morally vs practically. The difference is that killing some third world farmers doesn’t cause a war between first world powers.

Alternatively if Yemen rebels attack Saudi Arabia, that’s bad. If Iran does it, everybody in a thousand mile radius starts sweating.

> Alternatively if Yemen rebels attack Saudi Arabia, that’s bad.

Why is it bad? I mean, after they've been at the receiving end of Saud's war machine, why can they not retaliate? They sure did not cause as much boodshed (zero, just material damage) as the Sauds have caused them.

I get that you have a gripe with Saudi geo politics. And it’s probably one I agree with, but I’m really just trying to say that blowing random innocents can vary in the severity of repercussions and that you’re not “falling for propaganda” or following racist ideas if you acknowledge this- and that moral and practical concerns are separate things.

> that moral and practical concerns are separate things.

I agree. This separation I find problematic. How often we hear "I want to be vegan (for the animals = moral) but I cannot give up cheese/meat/etc (too convenient/tasty = practical)"

To me they are not separate. Oppression is oppression, I hate it regardless who does it or how inconvenient it is to stop it.

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