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Apple removed the ability to use uBlock Origin or similar.

I tried few ad blocker from the app store, but non of them block Youtube's video ad, making it useless.

We still have Firefox for now I guess.

I think AdGuard will do what you want, but I feel uncomfortable about blocking ads from sites that provide you with an option to pay to remove them, as does YouTube Premium.

It's difficult to even use the malware defense with YouTube, since YouTube's ads are just videos.

wipr from the App Store is a serviceable ad blocker, not as good as ublock origin, but (mostly) does the job for me at least. I miss the ability to kill specific elements ad-hoc.

I payed for Wipr and I don't notice the difference between it an uBlock Origin on my windows machine. Can you report if it works on Safari 13?

They've had a natively compiled content blocking engine for years, and I've been using Ka-Block. It works really well without killing your battery.

Looks like it is only for iOS, is this true?


No, I use it on macOS too.


Extensions for Safari are distributed through the AppStore. I currently have uBlock (not Origin) installed as an extension.

You’re using it on 13?

uBlock (not origin) is by the same company as AdBlock Plus - "acceptable ads" (e.g. pay to play), privacy issues, general scummy behavior. I would suggest to steer away from it.

I use AdGuard on iOS and iPad OS and it works

I use 1blocker on both Mac and iOS. Its pretty decent.

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