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Rust has in fact had almost 10 years.

The Rust of ten years ago bears almost no resemblance to the Rust of today. Its history is interesting to people involved in the project, but it wasn't really used seriously until 1.0 was released.

I make it 9 years since the first release and 4 years since the first stable version (aka 1.0).

Either way it's a short time in which to gain acceptance anywhere near the level of C++ so it's not surprising it hasn't. Although companies (including Microsoft and some Google teams) are just starting to take it seriously.

It's not a short time. C++ is only 34 years old and back them there were fewer developers than today.

C with classes, which would be comparable to pre 1.0 rust, started in 1979, so 40 years ago. The first commercial C++ and the book were in 1985 and 34 years ago. I'd guess that's a good 1.0 milestone, comparable with rust's 4 years.

Ten more years. It takes a long, long time for a language to gain maturity, and the competition (except C :P) is improving the whole time.

> and the competition (except C :P) is improving the whole time.


"C18 is a “bugfix release” of the C standard. Whereas the intention of the C working group (WG14) has been that this release does not introduce normative changes (but one)..."

C11 added a lot of features though

It's not really fair to count pre-1.0, it's only been 4-5 years

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