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Do you think it's planned to bring back noalias in rustc ?

This, along with const generics and simd, would make rust the perfect language for me.

The upstream fix seems to be blocked on DannyBee in fact…


I stopped working on LLVM about 2 years ago (give or take), as i now have way too many reports to be able to do any effective patch or design review, or honestly, keep up with the mailing list. I'm also too far divorced from work being done.

(I unsubscribed late last year)

I specifically reviewed and approved the llvm.noalias patches before i stopped, which is why they are marked as accepted by hal, back in 2016.

More than that, i was one of the people who basically showed that !noalias/etc is fundamentally broken and can't be fixed.

Nothing should be blocked on me at this point, and my reviews account is deliberately disabled so that people can't assign/add me to things.

If something is blocked on me, hal certainly hasn't let me know :)

Understood. Sorry, it was not clear to me what was going on. In any case, the fix seems to be blocked on something, as it hasn't landed yet, and it's unclear what.

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