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> Is this also wrong?

Yes, node.js javascript runtime is based on V8, the same that runs in Chrome. Javascript is single threaded so anything that is not I/O bound will block the main thread. If you don't want to block the thread becasue you have long running calculation/parsing task, then you can use worker threads[1]. This will run your task in separate thread and not block the main one.

[1] https://nodejs.org/dist/latest-v12.x/docs/api/worker_threads...

Fun detail: node internally will use thread pools to do CPU-intensive tasks that would normally block the main thread.

For example: https://github.com/nodejs/node/blob/master/src/node_crypto.c...

I generally use that as an example when explaining to people why Node isn't a great fit for a lot of workloads. They have to use these features internally, but you as the user with a CPU-intensive job don't have access to those features.

and not to beat a dead horse, but worker threads again wouldn't work in this exact situation even in Nodejs. They suffer from the same problems that web-workers do, meaning they use a structured copy algorithm to send data between workers (with the exception of TypedArrays), and therefore would hang the "main thread" just as long as if you did the `JSON.parse` directly in it.

It's a really annoying problem, and I'm actually really happy to see that many others have the exact same thoughts I had at the time, and that I wasn't just missing something obvious!

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