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You should add one other point: don't do this if you're not already an established HN user. "Review my startup" posts from new accounts are usually killed. Otherwise anyone could use this format to promote any site, a fact spammers started to notice a few months ago.

What would be your definition of established? 3 months on HN? 6 months on HN? 1 year on HN? karma > 200? karma > 500? Some combination of the above? Something else?

Not trying to be facetious, I'm genuinely interested to know what your criteria for this would be.

Edit: I see that this whole issue received quite a bit of discussion a few months ago:


I don't think you can put hard definitions on it. HN is more like a village where people come and go, and some people of a certain mindset decide to settle. Anyone is welcome to move in, but acceptance into the village is based on your interactions. Being a nice neighbor, as it were. Lots of communication in the form of quality submissions and comments are principle. Karma score isn't as important.

Sure, and I should have said that I would only have expected a "ballpark range" answer. I think something like this is always going to have some fuzziness to it, especially if pg (or whoever else has power to kill posts) is making a kill/no-kill decision on a one off basis, as opposed to having it done by an algorithm.

Just curious to get a rough feel, that's all. I mean, take myself... my account is 1013 days old, and my karma is > 500, but subjectively, I still think of myself as being a newb around here. I'd probably post a "Rate my Startup" thread if I had something ready to go, but I'd probably say that I feel just barely qualified to do so.

is there any way to tell if your submission is getting deleted as spam? i've been a member for more than 6 months but don't comment that often/have never submitted and can't tell why my posts aren't going through.

Create a second account, turn on [showdead] in its profile, and view the submission in that browser session.

Oh. I didn't know that. I'll add a note at the bottom of the article. Thanks for letting us know!

My account is about six months old, but I'm gonna have to get out the habit of just reading/lurking and contribute a little more I think. I was planning on submitting a rate my startup post next week but now having read pg's comment I'm not so sure whether that's a good idea. I really don't want to miss the opportunity to get invaluable feedback from the HN community. My app is aimed at HN users to some extent and so it's really important to me to get this right.

I had considered that it might be a little rude for one of my first posts to be an ask type post. So I had already started to outline some articles to post around the same time, e.g. I've got a bunch of notes detailing which methods have helped me increased my productivity recently, I think some would find useful. I guess for anyone in the same position as me it can't hurt to try and submit helpful posts first. I guess that's the right thing to do anyway and so that'll be my plan going forward.

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