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How is this superior to <any_other_http_based_storage_engine_with_API>?

It isn't.

And that's fine.

People can build and release their projects without necessarily having to build the best-in-class version of whatever it is. This is a useful, well-written, open source app that someone has taken to the point where they're willing to put it out there for the world to use, and that in itself is well worth discussing and celebrating (as much as a handful of upvotes on HN can be a celebration of something).

To be honest, even if it was much lower quality code that would still be really good. HN is all about startups and the release-early-release-often approach to building. This is exactly the sort of project that deserves to be on the front page, and exactly what I want to be reading about here.

Congratulations to the author.

DRY in spades. More peace & power to the author and all that. However, as a putative user of the project, I'd like to know what would I gain by adopting it. Last time I looked, that was part of use case discussions. I'd happily settle for 'No gain, but it's been a great learning experience' - that's not as it was presented, though.

DRY means for "Don't Repeat Yourself". It's fine to repeat other people. In fact, it's a good thing, because redundant systems are very useful.

Can't agree more with your post.

It does have some json aware functionality, like sort, skip, and limit. Also, two levels of identifiers, where some web storage services only have one.

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