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These days you might as well become a hermit or kill yourself because there is no penance great enough to be accepted by some people.

You are forgetting who is President of the United States. The third choice is to go all-in.

I support a theory that cases such as this are one of the main reason Trump got elected - some voters were just fed up. I also think that he'll get elected again, cause Dems are concentrating on impeachment instead of trying to understand & connect with his deplorable voters.

By summer 2017, it was clear that RussiaRussiaRussia was all they had in store for the next several years. At that point, I knew Trump would be reelected. This is a fairly awful person who has actually done a number of impeachable things, many of them after he took office. Yet, they chose to dwell on something that was obviously false to the average voter. Why would they do that? I think the answer to that is related to the fact that Biden is the current pick. If in 2016 we had made a (short) list of candidates likely to lose to Trump, Biden and HRC would have vied closely for the top choice.

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