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I think we should be more worried about the control that media (and especially clickbait-worthy online media) can exert over our lives. It's clear to anyone who has done their research, that his quotes were taken out of context or mis-characterised to create a specific narrative meant to fuel anger and drive visitors to the 'news' websites. It's a real shame that we can no longer discuss certain topics without fear of retribution.

His personal website re-states this opinion clearly (see links in other comments). There was nothing mischaracterised or out of context about this. This time he merely made his opinion more visible, and it ended up being the last straw.

I think it's pretty clear to everyone around here that there's quite a difference between saying "Epstein coerced the girl to present herself as completely willing" and saying "she was completely willing". RMS said the former, Vice, The Daily Beast and other media reported he said the latter.

I have read all of his comments, in the context they were posted, and my position stands. I have no desire to debate his opinions with strangers on the internet, my fear is how misinformation can be spread by clickbait 'journalism' and how it paints a narrative that is near-impossible to fight.

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