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Wait. I've lost track of something somewhere. What was Minski doing on Epstein's party island?

> What was Minski doing on Epstein's party island?

Epstein hosted conferences on a number of occasions for scientific luminaries, which is why-- for example-- there are pictures of Stephen Hawking on Epstein's island.

Minsky was involved in an AI conference held by Epstein in 2002.

Offhand, I don't know. I believe the same is probably true of the general public discussing the actual criminal investigation / prosecution(???) that RMS was commenting on.

What I was suggesting is that there are plausible reasons someone might find themselves on such an island; which seem more realistic if those involved are rich elite who lure 'loose' individuals down with warm sandy beaches and cold drinks.

My take on the full RMS text in question is that they were (probably biased but) pointing out that they believed in a friend being a good person and thus the generic case I called Scenario B being the one that they believed was likely.

As I lack the facts to properly make a judgement on the issue I can only speculate about what //might// have happened, and hope that those who should be reaching a judgement gather all the possible facts and prove those who are guilty as such, without making more victims out of others tricked or entrapped by the actual wrong-doers.

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