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So he was crashing on their couch rent free, and he thanks them by posting crazy screeds on the mailing list? It's not terribly surprising it turned out like this.

Or he was lending them his name in exchange for a couch.


He never said that there's nothing wrong with it, which means you're lying. Shame on you. (disclaimer: I dislike Stallman a lot anyway, but this is just a typical SJW witch Hunt. Because he did in fact never say it's ok nor defended it.) Edit: typo

He has, on record, said that he thinks there is nothing wrong with statutory rape 'as long as both parties consent'.

I'm not sure he understands the concept of consent.

Read this


(see Romeo and Juliet clause)

Stallman being a defender of freedom has, obviously, a very powerful definition of consent ('cos consent is a form of freedom). It's far of ours, and in a dangerous territory. But that doesn't make it wrong.

He did say (write) that, yes. Still different to what the other poster wrote: that he's ok with non-consentual stuff. He specifically wrote that it might have _seemed_ consentual to the other guy. He nowhere implied it actually was. He also did not defend someone forcing others to do with things against there will while making it look consentual. I assume if one asked him this exactly, he'd say that yes of course it's terrible to force people do to things against their will. I guess, don't really know the guy of course. Cheers on not making stuff up btw, that's really, really cool :) and becoming a rarity :( Edit: excuse all the errors, I'm a phone poster

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