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> Edit: in my defence, is op defending Stallman, or Epstein? Honestly, I don't know how Epstein and Stallman are related. I don't follow Stallman's every statement he makes. I simply asked for some context and enlightenment in this headline and op's comment.

Am I the OP in this context?

I think this is exactly what I'm talking about? I've made a comment explaining how this environment baffles me, and you think my comment must be somehow tribal in nature.

> and you think my comment must be somehow tribal in nature.

Tribal in what way? And I said nothing of the sort. I have no "tribal" interest in Stallman's efforts or his beliefs. I think the man has done some fine things in terms of GPLv2, less so v3, but I'm certainly not an absolutist.

I genuinely didn't understand your comment, which you still haven't answered, yet you attack me for being "tribal".

Well, you asked whether I'm defending Stallman or Epstein.

The answer is, err, "not applicable"?

Then your comment is a non-sequitur, and you seem unwilling to defend or explain it (either way).

edit: ok, so now I have some context:



Which after all this was what I was asking for. Jeezo.

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