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Yes, but will he step down from his role with the Free Software Foundation? I'm more concerned about that, since that's a more public-facing role.

Hum, this had escalated quickly, with all the fake news and duck hunting and the strange patterns seen in the last months about how we need a better name for gimp, for moral reasons none less, how great is that apple has now an equivalent to 'festival' and other small strange things.

Open source is in a really complicated moment for its survival. Is like we would had arrived to a sort ot 'extinguish and replace' phase.

Has there been renewed chatter for possibly renaming GIMP? I have been out of the loop but it would be such a shame for the program to be renamed

Some days ago it was discussed (here) that Gimp was forked in fact. Apparently just because some people "found offensive" the name Gimp (Something that could be seen as an obvious attempt to first degrade the brand, then appropriate as own new invention, and finally phagocyte it. Has happened before with other programs that were slightly modified and then heavily advertised).

Updated, link here: https://itsfoss.com/gimp-fork-glimpse/

Thanks for the update

Unless Epstein gave money to FSF, there will be no public outcry. Most people had never heard of Stallman until Epstein and MIT.

Public outcry isn't the only factor. For example, the director of the GNOME Foundation just requested that RMS resign from the FSF[0], and said severing ties with the FSF is a possibility otherwise.

[0] https://blog.halon.org.uk/2019/09/gnome-foundation-relations...

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