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Apple at Interspeech 2019 (machinelearning.apple.com)
33 points by davelester 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

I don’t follow apple closely, but isn’t this a new direction for them?

Publishing papers and sponsoring research conferences? My impression of apple research has always been to keep it inside and not really join the public discourse

Words from Apple News Circle were that Apple could not hire any talents in Machine Learning because Apple has rules and policy to disallow their employees publish anything ( even blog ) without approval. And that includes any research related technical documentation.

I guess in Machine Learning fields you will need these papers to prove your worth, not to mention the continuous improvement in ML across the whole industry. So after a few years Apple relented and allow them to publish these papers.

This slight changes of attitude has some effect on other department as well, including security research where now Apple at least participate in certain events.

Can someone at Apple solve multilingual users problems (especially when your small country is not one of 15 supported ones)?

Also wouldn't mind being able just use Google's assistant natively...

I can’t imagine Apple and Google would work together to integrate Google Assistant in Apple’s systems in a way that meets Apple’s privacy standards.

I think if Siri got direct web answers working reliably (currently being tested in Spotlight search) then the two assistants would be comparably useful.

Well ideally there'd be a common protocol for all assistants.

What I really want tho is transcription for more languages. Google has an API for that, just let people use it...

To anyone who might consider working at Apple: http://worrydream.com/Apple/

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