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Bromite v77 Released (bromite.org)
3 points by csagan5 on Sept 16, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

@csagan5, thanks for such a great project, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I just switched from Kiwi Browser to Bromite and and Bromite SystemWebView, now I'm wondering if I still need to keep AdAway around.

Maybe you can find the time and comment here or in my discussion on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/fossdroid/comments/d88ljd/does_adaw...)?

AdAway uses hosts-based blocking, it is less precise than the one in Bromite but more powerful because it can block access also of any app; it is very similar to an IP-based firewall.

For most users Bromite itself will be sufficient; I see you are also using the SystemWebView, so I don't think you need to run AdAway, you can save CPU usage and battery without it. I suggest you try disabling/uninstalling it, there should be no difference in your experience.

Very well, thanks a lot for your advice. I will try it without AdAdway.

I currently have only one app that shows ads (Easy Currency), and it still does it despite of AdAway being up and running, so I assume AdAway is not of much use for blocking ads in apps because they are fed in a different way.

What's the difference between native Chromium adblock engine and Bromite adblock engine?

The "Bromite adblock engine" was what was used up to v76 and was originally based on NoChromo engine.

The native Chromium adblock engine is the subresource filter and works with the modern NetworkService; this has already been answered on XDA, but basically it is more efficient and has a bit more features (CSS filtering).

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